About Us

Our goal is to help promote a healthier workplace by providing great quality products for a fair price and unsurpassed customer service.

As a group of business professionals and fitness equipment specialists with over 28 years’ experience, we understand the quality, service & functionality requirements needed to achieve our goals. Learn More.

Why Active Station?

Active Station Treadmill Desk
Our products not only increase your mental and physical well-being, but studies have linked standing and treadmill desks to an increase in workplace productivity. Learn More.

Recent News

Active Station Treadmill Desk Announcement

Developing a workplace wellness plan? Active Station™ treadmill desk could be your silver bullet Many Americans spend most of their […] Read More

Excessive Sitting, A Daily Office Norm

You did it, you earned your degree and landed your dream job! The work challenges you and you are finally applying your hard earned degree. Read More

Home Office Station

Your Home Office Station: Working Standing Up and/or Walking on a Treadmill

Workplace Station

Workplace Meetings Reimagined – Walking Meetings and/or Standing

Mobile App

Our free proprietary ios and Android app is intended to make the unit more

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