About Us

About Active Station

With over 30 years of industry experience, our goal in creating Active Station was to help promote a healthier workplace by promoting a lifestyle change, seeking to get users up and moving more throughout the day. We noticed that there was a huge population being overlooked when it came to general wellness and that was the average office worker who likely spends most of their day sitting in a cubicle. Our bodies were not designed to sit for long hours, but yet a large percentage of people will likely spend most of the day sitting in one place. We then hear complaints of lack of energy, back pain, stiffness, and more because we are not moving enough on a regular basis.

Promoting General Wellness

We hear all the time to get the recommended 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily, however, what we don’t hear often enough, is how important it is to get up and move regularly throughout the day. This is where our product comes into place. In creating the Active Station desk we focused primarily on promoting general wellness during a normal working day by ensuring our product was practical and easy to use.


The Active Station desk has been designed for full-time use and can be used by multiple people, requiring very little maintenance. The desk can perform for up to 6,000 hours before any normal regular maintenance is needed. Customer service is also our #1 priority; that’s why we deliver and install each unit.

Get Up And Walk

Not only does our product promote moving more while performing normal workday activities in your cube, but we predict walking meetings are the way of the future. Our desks are ergonomically efficient, easy to use, quiet, and have been specifically created to use in a group setting. Walking meetings will help to increase energy levels, idea generation, and overall engagement. Being physically engaged can lead to an increase mental engagement.

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