Excessive Sitting, A Daily Office Norm

Health Hazards of Excessive Sitting

Excessive Sitting

You did it, you earned your degree and landed your dream job! The work challenges you and you are finally applying your hard earned degree. The only problem is you are stuck in a cubicle all day long…spending countless hours sitting in front of a computer screen. Finding yourself hunching over unintentionally, getting closer and closer to that screen as the day goes on, loosing track of time leading to excessive hours sitting in one position. These long hours of sitting begin to take a toll on your body.

It may start with sore shoulders, or maybe a stiff back. But, over time those little aches and pains become more than a slight pain. Suddenly your “dream” job starts to feel more like a nightmare, as your eyes feel strained, you experience a normal afternoon lull where you lack energy, and begin to feel aches and pains for no apparent reason. The problem is our bodies were not designed to remain in a seated position for these extended periods of time. We are made to be active and moving. Too much sitting can lead to sore bones, muscles and a sore mind. Not to mention the dreaded secretary butt and humpback, no thank you!

Break Free From Excessive Sitting

Excessive Sitting
So, get ready to  break free from that chair and enjoy your job again. Check out our Active Station standing and treadmill desks. Just by standing while you work, you can decrease back, shoulder and hip pain associated with excessive sitting. Standing while working can also create a feeling of freedom and a help prevents that dreaded afternoon lull. A treadmill desk can take that to the next level and actually help you burn calories while working, as you walk at a comfortable slow pace of 1 mph. Whichever route you choose getting out of your chair sure can make your work days feel less like work.

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