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Your Home Office Station: Working Standing Up and/or Walking on a Treadmill Desk

Working standing up Walking on a treadmill desk

Whether you work primarily from home or find yourself doing additional work in the evenings or on the weekends, it is time to make the investment in your health. Get active while working standing up or walking on a treadmill desk. The Active Station desk has been created specifically to take up no more room than a standard desk. With our easily adjustable desks, you will also have the option to stand, walk, and sit while working. In general, as human beings, we sit far too often and it is time to start thinking about the health benefits standing or walking while working can have. Standing and/or walking while working is no more difficult than sitting at a desk. You will find yourself being easily able to walk at a slow pace for hours while completing a great deal of work. The best part about our Active Station desks is that they are adjustable. This means you can ease yourself into walking or standing while working by taking breaks to sit, allowing you to feel more comfortable throughout the day. After adopting this new healthy style of working you will noticeably see a difference in your energy levels, spine and posture health, and an increased level of activity.

The Choice is Yours. Working Standing Up and/or Walking on a Treadmill Desk, Choose Your Health!

Working standing up Walking on a treadmill desk

The choice is yours, choose to walk, stand, or sit. Our top of the line desks give you the option to choose your health. Get active, get moving, and get working. Want more information? Contact us today or visit our FAQ page to learn more.



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