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Workplace Meetings Reimagined – Walking Meetings and/or Standing Meetings

Walking meetings standing meetings

When it comes to a workplace office setting you will find that yourself or your employees are spending a large majority of their days sitting, and it is time to change that. With Active Station adjustable desks workplace meetings can now be a way to get some activity throughout the day, allowing for walking meetings or standing meetings. Our easily adjustable desks have been designed with the workplace in mind, taking up a limited amount of space no larger than a standard desk.

These desks promote activity throughout the day allowing for walking meetings, and standing meetings. Increasing physical activity will ultimately lead to an increase in productivity, idea generation, and overall workflow improvement. When we are physically more active our brains are also more active, so take the first step to increasing work productivity and get active!

Active Station treadmill and standing desks are designed for a wide variety of office uses, including:

•   Single office/cubicle use – Ideal for increased activity throughout the day as employees begin to walk and stand as they work.

•   Group use – Active Station desks can be installed in common workplace areas, this allows for multiple employees to get an opportunity to work while standing or walking throughout the day.

•   Conference/meeting use – Reimagine your conference or meeting room filling it with desks that will allow you to hold walking meetings and/or standing meetings.

Walking Meetings and/or Standing Meetings Make the Change

walking meetings standing meetings

Having meetings while walking or standing will not only lead to an increased level of physical activity, but the attendees of the meeting will experience increased blood flow to the brain. This increased blood flow will aid in increased concentration, idea generation, and overall productivity. View our full line of standing desks and treadmill desks today.


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